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National Pro Fitness league

Saturday April 5, 2014


Bar assisted squats x10
Fire Hydrants x15
Side Planks x45″

Warm up:

Junk yard dog
Walk with single KB overhead 
-50′ forward/backward/lateral
10 KB snatches (10R/L)
10 Goblet squats


 15 minutes to establish a 1 RM Turkish Get up

 Notes:  Review the sequence HERE!

Partner Conditioning:

Teams of 2, one working at a time:

“Double Grindy”

3 rounds of:
20 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
10 Rounds of “Cindy” (5 Pull ups, 10 Push ups, 15 Squats)

-30 minute cap

Notes:  Try and partner up with someone of similar ability.  Partition reps anyway between partners.

Cool down: 

Posterior Chain flossing x60″
Couch Stretch x60″
Foam roll ITB/quads 1-2 min

Yeah Suver!

For those of you who haven’t heard about it, there is a pro fitness league being developed athletes in the sport of fitness. From the NPFL website:

The World’s First Professional Spectator Sport with Team Human Performance Racing

The National Pro Fitness League was created for the fans. Two-hour matches that take place in a basketball arena. They’ll be easy to follow and understand, yet filled with strategy and teamwork. Matches will be televised on a national sports network, and our website will have fresh daily content all year round. Follow your favorite athletes and teams, and geek out on standings, scores, and stats.

Strategy and Execution

Two teams of four men and four women will compete head-to-head in eleven races requiring tremendous capacity and efficient execution. Strategy will be critically important as teams select race participants, make on-the-fly substitutions, and distribute the workload.  Teams with superior execution strategies could potentially defeat teams with superior work capacity.

Live Large

Attending the live matches will be a blast. With many of the world’s fittest athletes competing in front of you in fast-paced, easy-to-follow events, you will surely be entertained. The matches will take place in basketball arenas, which means you have the opportunity for court-side seating. You will feel like you’re part of the action. Most teams will stick around after the match to answer questions, sign autographs, or snap a quick pic.

Network Coverage

The League’s regular season matches and playoffs will be shown live on the web and on a national sports network. Full broadcast-quality productions with live scoring and graphics, athlete profiles and event descriptions, plus full, in-your-face coverage of the events.

The Website

The NPFL website will be your home base for competition standing and statistics, athlete and team stories, and more. Fresh year-round video content will include athlete training sessions and interviews, team workouts, coaches’ tips and commentary, and of course, match replays and highlights.

This weekend, LA will be hosting a combine where athletes get to showcase their skills in hopes of getting drafted by a team, landing a salaried contract, and essentially becoming a paid professional athlete. Our very own Alex Causey, Jessica Suver and James McCoy will be trying out. So if you see them, wish them the best of luck, and if you have the time, go cheer them on at: 

Fairplex/LA County Fairgrounds

Exhibit Hall 4
1101 West McKinley Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768

Eating Clean on a Budget

Friday April 4, 2014


Fire Hydrants, 10 each side
Shoulder Bridge, 10 reps
Band Super Rack, 30s each
10 Lat Activations


8 Scapular Pushups
10 Goodmornings with Bar
8 Pushups
10 Straight Legged Deadlifts
8 T Pushups
10 Pause Back Squats 


A) 3x 15 Weighted Back extensions- Rest 90 seconds
B) 3 x 3 Bench Press (as heavy as possible)- Rest 90 seconds

 Notes:  Focus on keeping elbows in and drive through your heels.  Use spotters!


For time:

21-15-9 reps of:

Kettlebell swing (2 pood/ 1.5)
Dumbbell Hang squat clean (50/35)
Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead (50/35)

-17 minute Time Cap

 Notes:  Scale weight as needed and use 1 set of Dumbbells throughout.  Kettlebell should be “heavy” for you.

Cool Down:

German Hang, 30s
Jefferson Curl, 5 Slow reps
Band Lat Stretch, 30s each side
Shoulder Bridge Hold, 30s


There is a rumor going around that eating healthy is expensive and can seem unaffordable to those that are strapped for cash.  But I am here to tell you that not all rumors are true, especially this one.  The fact is, eating clean is no more expensive than following a regular diet, especially if you have a plan of action. 

Eating healthy, whole foods now is important to you health later in life.  Would you rather be paying bills for the medical care you may need later because you decided to neglect your health?  Nutrition is the first place we can all start to pay a little more attention to.  It may seem cheaper to go for processed foods, which are full of refined sugars and chemicals, but it IS possible to stick to a clean, healthy and nutritious diet that is fit for achieving your fitness goals, even if money may be tight. 

Here are some tips to help you keep your body lean, and your wallet fat.

1.  Use Coupons.  This may seem like the most logical one.  Coupons can be found in local newpapers, or on websites such as or  You can save up to $30 a week, which means saving $1600 per Year!  Also watch for store sales, or sign up for newsletters about sales and deals at stores you frequently shop at. 

2.  Grow your own.  Planting a garden out back consisting of your favorite fruits and veggies can save you a ton of money.  You can even grow your own herbs indoors year round.

3.  Buy Local or In Season.  Produce is always cheaper in-season.  Also try shopping at your local Farmers Market.  The product is much cheaper and fresher than most grocery stores.  Find one near you by using the website

4.  Plan your meals ahead of time.  This can help you buy the appropriate amount of food so you don’t waste any.  It will also prevent you from overbuying items you don’t need.  Making a grocery list can cut spending by 10%.

  5.  Buy Generic or Store Brands.  This can save you 25-50% by not buying the big named brands.  You might have to doublecheck the labels though to be sure they are of the same quality.

 6.  Shop in Bulk.  Stores like Costco or Sam’s Club are great places because they can be frozen or stored for long periods of time and will not perish.  They may also be cheaper at these stores.  Which leads me to another good tip of buying Frozen fruits and Veggies.  This will prevent you from wasting any produce from going bad before you are ready to use it. 

7.  Cook in Large Amounts.  You can freeze portions for later. Leftovers are great for lunches or dinners on a busy week night.

8.  Switch Up Proteins.  Try going meatless 1-2 times a week.  Switch your beef or steak up for other protein sources such as Canned Tuna or Chicken, Eggs or Egg Whites, Beans or Legumes, or Tofu.  This will also add a little variety into your meal planning and help prevent boredom by eating the same foods.

9.  Stop Eating Out.  Start making your own food at home and pack your own lunches and snacks.  This may be a little more time consuming, but it will save your wallet in the long run.  It will also give you more control over what goes in the food you eat, so you are able to keep it clean.  Just practice good portion control, which will also prevent you from wasting any food you may not eat. 

 10.  Give up….  What’s that one thing you are able to do without?  Whether it’s cable, or using the car for a few days during the week, going to the movies; whatever it is, we can all find things to give up to help save some extra cash.  Budgeting is important to help us stop spending so much money on things we really don’t need or use. 

If you are thinking about starting to eat clean, but the budget is holding you back, take a long hard look at what you are spending on take out lattes, fast food, delivered pizza, microwave meals, alcohol, and other items that are not of value.  Try keeping track of how many coffees or snacks you buy from the vending machine at work.  You may well find yourself saving tons of money by following these tips and eating clean. 

I’m Not Good At Gymnastics

Swim Night!  Register HERE!

Thursday April 3, 2014


Reverse Snow Angels
Ankle Mobility w/ Band

Warm Up:

1 min jump rope practice
Then 2 Rounds:
10 Straddle Leg Lift
10 Arch Rocks
10 Hollow Rocks
5 Lat Activations

Gymnastics Strength:

4 Rounds or 15 minutes for Quality:

1 minute ME L-sit
1 minute ME chin over the bar hold
3 Skin the cats
1 minute ME triple unders

Notes:  Have fun with the triple unders!  May scale L sit to tuck or hanging L sit.  Use spotters for skin the cats.


AMRAP 20 minutes for QUALITY:

2 Rope climbs
15 Hand release push-ups
30 Tuck ups 

Notes:  Perform rope lowers if needed.

Cool Down:

Max Effort Hollow Ring Support

Smooth as butta’

I’ve noticed a dwindling in the number of people attending gymnastics day. I’ve also noticed that those who do attend are making HUGE improvements in their gymnastics capabilities right before my eyes. It’s inspirational. I want more people to experience this rapid improvement. I also want those who are improving rapidly to realize that, although you might think you are “not good at gymnastics” you are better than when you walked in which is applaudable. 

So my first plea is, go to gymnastics day because it will give you the fundamentals necessary to do fun, advanced movements like the front uprise or a back flip. My second plea involves addressing excuses I have heard for why people skip gymnastics days.

I have heard from a few people that they don’t like to attend gymnastics day because it doesn’t give them a good workout. I have also heard others say they don’t attend because they “suck” at gymnastics. For those who hold these two beliefs, I would like to give you a different way of thinking about Thursdays. 

If you do not come because you don’t feel you get a good workout (compared to a Metcon), think about gymnastics day this way: it is an opportunity to improve your ability to move your bodyweight effectively. If you practice your fundamental gymnastics strength, such as a strict hollow pull up, you will have greater capacity to perform pull ups during a metcon on other days of the week, and therefore spend less time with your feet on the ground staring at the bar.

For those who don’t attend because they suck at gymnastics, well…how the heck are you going to get better if you don’t show up and practice?

What now?

Track Night at 6pm and Yoga at 8pm Sign up HERE!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014



15 Scapular Push Ups
Bird Dogs

Warm Up

Jumping Jacks, 1 minute
2 Rounds:
10 Jumping Squats
10 Push Ups
10 Pike Sit Ups
Bottom of Squat, 1 minute


A) 5×5 Tempo Back Squats- Rest 90 seconds
B) 5×8 Ring Row (weighted)- Rest 90 seconds

Notes: Alternate A and B sets. For the Back squats, lower quickly and hold a full 5 seconds in the rock bottom, bounce and explode back up.   For the ring row, try putting feet on a box and add weight if you can!  These should be challenging to finish 8 reps unbroken!



30-20-10 reps for time of:

Jumping squats
Handstand push-ups

-15 minute cap-

Notes: Try feet on a box progression for Handstand push-ups or sub with DB Push press.  Pick a challenging load!

Cool Down

75-100 Abmat Sit Ups

If you do not hook grip during your Olympic lifts, watch this video and start doing it! Always!

The Open is over. What now? This time period, the beginning of the off season for most, can be a weird period in training. You may be satisfied or disappointed with your progress but it is always hard to fathom another year of training. This is not to say that the Open and competitive CrossFit is our emphasis but is is certainly a barometer of progress for every athlete and a hugely inspiration period for the gym. So, what now? The simplest answer, and the way most programs go at this point in the year is more strength building. There is no substitute for strength. Our most advanced “CrossFit athletes” are without exception our strongest. But getting stronger is not always so simple and may not encompass every athlete’s needs. It is important during this post-Open lull that every athlete set new goals, whether they be strength, conditioning, or merely aesthetic related. These goals should be both short term and long term and should begin to frame the next year of training. Most importantly, they should reignite the desire to get back in the gym and start grinding away again. 

2014 Open is a wrap!

Track Night at 7pm at SamoHiSign up HERE!

 Reminder to get your meat orders in by Friday!  Click HERE for how this works!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Theraband External Rotations
PVC Dislocates
Monster Walks

 Warm Up:

400 m Run
5 Narrow, 5 Wide Lat Activations
10 Bent Over Rows
10 Front Squats
10 Push Press
10 Push Jerks
10 Split Jerks

 Classic Strength:

15 minutes to establish a max for the day of the complex:
Front squat + Push jerk + Split jerk

Notes:  Racks may be used

Advanced Strength

15 minutes to establish a 3 RM Jerk

Classic Conditioning:

AMRAP 30 minutes:
30 Thrusters (95/65)
Run 600 meters

Advanced Conditioning:

EMOM 30 minutes:
15 Thrusters (95/65)
AMRAP Double unders

Notes: April Fools, divide by 1/3. HAHA

Cool Down:

Pigeon 1 m per side
Cobra Stretch 1 m
15 Wall Extensions


The 2014 Open is officially closed! Signing up for the Open can be quite intimidating – wait you mean I CAN’T scale the wod?!?! – but I applaud all of you who did, for giving it a go. As always, Dave Castro has blessed us with the most disgusting wods his evil mind could craft and we watched some of our most loved crossfit heroes go head to head for the best scores on live feed. Every week we would all pray to the crossfit gods that the couplet would consist of two of our favorite moves so we could dominate our friends/competition securing a higher spot on the leaderboard. Having been apart of the the PCF community since the last open, I watched many of you go through squat cycles, tackle your weaknesses, train extra during open gym time, film your self, help each other and grow tremendously as athletes.  Friday through Monday all of you displayed the best of your abilities and quality sportsmanlike conduct of cheering loudly for your fellow competitors. It is my hope that you all had a good time suffering, sweating together, swapping horror stories and that it created or strengthened relationships within the gym. Speaking from all the coaches, YOU ARE ALL AMAZING. Seeing you guys pour your hearts out onto the floor in front of a crowd while being judged is nothing to bat an eye at. It takes guts and builds character. You guys are my inspiration, thank you. 

Upcoming Events!

Open participants have until 5pm today to register and input their results from WOD 14.5.

Weekly Programming Links:  Group ClassVenice Barbell ClubTrack Night

Monday, March 31, 2014


Side Plank with Leg Raise
Banded Hip Extension
Keg Drill
Overhead Band Distraction


2x rounds through, :60 each movement:
Jumping Jacks
Light KB Swings
Walking Lunges
Gristle or Groiners

Classic Strength

A) 3×20 Front rack Walking Lunges- Rest 90 seconds
B) 3xME Handstand hold- Rest 90 seconds

Notes: Alternate A and B sets.  For busier classes, KB’s or Dumbbells may be used.  Prioritize keeping tight midline during the lunges while working to continuously move through each step (no pausing to gather feet).  For Handstand hold, try “nose and toes” against the wall or freestanding.

Advanced Strength

1) Back Squat – 1 attempt to establish a 20RM – rest 1:00
2) Front Squat – Max reps @ 100% of #1 (after 1:00 rest)

Notes: Add 5-10# from last week, but not heavy enough to fail.


4 rounds for max reps:

1 minute ME Pull ups
1 minute ME Box jump overs (24/20”)
1 minute ME Ring dips
1 minute ME Sit ups

Notes: Use boxes or bands for ring dips, may also substitute with push-ups.

Cool Down

Couch Stretch, 1 min each
Lat Stretch, 30 sec each
German Hang, 2 x 20 sec

Don’t forget to mobilize your shoulders!

Even though the Crossfit Open officially ends today there are still plenty of things to do inside and outside the box over the next two weeks.  Check them out!

Gretchen Helt Art Show – Wednesday, April 2
Come support coach G at the Opening Reception of her art exhibition at Waterloo and City this Wednesday from 5-8pm!  No matter what you should check out her work at

CicLAvia – Iconic Wilshire Blvd – Sunday, April 6
CicLAvia is open to the public and free of charge. Registration is not required and there is no starting or ending point along the route. From 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., CicLAvia – Iconic Wilshire Boulevard offers six miles of car-free, open streets and participants can join the fun at any point along the route.  More than 100,000 participants will have fun biking and strolling and using other alternative transportation as they connect with with businesses, outdoor exercise, diverse neighborhoods and each other.  The route will connect One Wilshire in Downtown Los Angeles to Fairfax Avenue along Miracle Mile.  Visit  

Beach WOD is back! – Saturday, April 12
Summer is back, and so is Beach WOD on Saturdays at 11:30am.  This specialty class will only run during the summer months, so get a tan while you can!  LG is pumped up and ready to go!

Bring a Friend Day – Saturday, April 12
The last bring a friend day was a huge hit, and moving forward we will be opening the gym to your friends and family once per month.  The next bring your friend day will be in two weeks, so start bugging your friends now! 

Everything Bagel Crisps

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Yoga at 8pm at Venice  – Sign up HERE!


20 Scapula Push-ups
Hip extension w/ band
Posterior chain floss

Jump rope Warm-up:

1 minute on, 30 seconds rest of:
Single skips
Right leg only
Left leg only
Double unders (attempts)
Single skips (speed)


4 Rounds, alternating between movements:
6 Speed Skater Hops for distance (3/side) –DEMO
50 meter Bear Crawl


1000 meter Run
40 Lunges
30 V Ups
800m Run
30 Lunges
20 V Ups
400m Run
20 Lunges
10 V Ups
Row 400m
20 Air Squats
10 Burpees
Row 800m
30 Air Squats
20 Burpees
Row 1000m
40 Air Squats
30 Burpees
- 40 minute cap -

 Notes: If class is busy, some athletes will start on the rower and others on the run, switching in the middle of the workout. Tuck ups can be subbed for V ups.

 Cool down:

10 Wall extensions
Foam roll IT band, glutes
Samson stretch, 1 minute each

bagel cracker


1 cup almond flour

1 egg

1 pinch salt

bagel seed mix:

1 tsp poppy seeds

1 tsp sesame seeds

½ tsp caraway seeds

½ tsp kosher (course)



Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Mix bagel seed  ingredients and set aside. Combine almond flour, egg and a pinch of salt. Pinch off a piece of the dough and put in a tortilla press between precut 4”parchment-paper. Lift up the press and sprinkle some seeds and press again.  

Leave rounds on parchment paper and place on a cookie sheet. Bake in oven for about 10 minutes. You want a very slightly colored golden brown. I like to place the tray in the freezer because they fall apart when warm. These can be cooled and kept in freezer and ready for use upon demand. They will turn room temp in minutes great with a spread or with eggs. Ok so it’s not a fluffy bagel but it’s so yummy and has all the right flavors with a crispy crunch.

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World-Class Fitness in 100 Words:

  • Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.
  • Practice and train major lifts: Deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch.
  • Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds.
  • Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast.
  • Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense.
  • Regularly learn and play new sports.

- CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman