• Individual assessment
  • Supportive community
  • Professional coaching
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Various specialty classes
  • On-site physical therapy
  • Showers at both locations
  • Family owned and operated

Accomplish Your Goals


More than just a gym, we are a community.

With almost 500 members from the surrounding Venice and Marina del Rey area, we have an amazing mixture of people at Paradiso.  The workouts and instructional videos are posted for free on our website, but it is the daily support from fellow members and coaches that people have found is the key to their success.  No matter what your experience level, age or athletic background, if you are interested in working hard to achieve your health and fitness goals, you will be welcome at Paradiso CrossFit.  Imagine looking forward to going to the gym, learning new skills, regularly meeting new and interesting people and continually feeling a sense of improvement.  All of this is possible with a strong community holding you accountable and supporting you along the way.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your individual goals.  Please contact us to get started with your free trial session now!


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Pregnancy Test

Performing 30 clean and jerks on our daughter's birthday! I love to experiment with my fitness and prove to myself that I would not only stand a chance, but prevail in the survival of the fittest if and when it mattered. Whether it is climbing a mountain, running a marathon with…


Take a look at yourself

Last post we began a conversation about how we can achieve long term success in Health and Fitness.  We stated that the first big step is to view yourself as an athlete and develop consistency with exercise and movement. While that may sound simple for some of you, the majority of…


Setting the stage for long term success

In the past two posts, I discussed my specific goals about getting back in shape and the mass gain program I chose to move towards those goals. This skill of goal setting and action plan creation is something that we see a lot of people struggle with and important for long term success. We will be discussing more…


Marina Del Rey
4113 Redwood Ave. Marina Del Rey CA 90066

Venice Beach
711 Hampton Dr. Venice CA 90291

Other Services…

  • Corporate wellness discounts and onsite training
  • Private training to meet any specific need
  • In house physical therapy, rehab and recovery services
  • Six week specialty courses focused on a single area of health and fitness
  • Olympic Lifting training program
  • Open gym hours

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