Week of 7/7/14

We will load for one more week before a deload and testing phase leading to the meet at the end of the month.

Monday – Snatch/Squat

1) Snatch: Work to a 2 Rep Max, then 2@95% and 2@90%

2a) Snatch Pull – 4 x 3 @ heaviest possible with perfect position
2b) Snatch Balance – 4 x 1 @ heavier attempts than last week

3) Back Squat: Work to a 3 Rep Max, then 3@95% and 3@90%

Tuesday – Clean and Jerk/Overhead/Midline

1)  Clean & Jerk: 2 Rep Max, then 2@95% and 2@90%

2) Jerk Drives – 4 x 3 @ 110% of max jerk

3) Push Press – 4 x 2 @ 90-95% of 1RM

4b) Strict Handstand Push Ups @ 3 x ME (Sub seated dumbbell strict press, 3 x 10 as needed)
4c) 3 x 8 Bulgarian Split Squats (heavier than last week, 8 on each leg)

Thursday – Power/Front Squat/Pulls

1)  Power Snatch – 2 Rep Max, then 2×2@90%

2) Power Clean – 2 Rep Max, then 2×2@90%

3) Front Squats – Work to a 3 Rep Max, then 3@95%
4) Clean Pull – Work to a 3 Rep Max with perfect position.

Friday – Heavy Singles/Overhead/Accessory

1) Snatch – work to a heavy PERFECT single for the day.

2)  Clean & Jerk – work to heavy PERFECT single for the day.

3a)  L – Seated Dumbbell Strict Press – 3 x 10 – as heavy as possible
3b) Glute Ham Raise – 3 x 8 – controlled decent, explode up

Saturday/Sunday – VBC sessions with Coach Derrick Johnson

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